Sunday, March 16, 2008

Clocks, batteries and getting sidetracked

As I went about cleaning my room this afternoon, I found that my clock needed new batteries. I have to tell you about this great clock. My stamp club friend, Jules, led us in altering drugstore clocks some time ago. I think it may have been $3 at most but not much for a little altering fun. After removing the workings, I covered my clock in white tissue paper and allowed it to wrinkle for the great texture. I painted the entire surface green, let it dry and then used black acrylic and a diamond shape stencil. Each diamond was accented with acrylic paint for more interest. The center design is a coaster collected by friends who know about my need for "stuff". The colors of the coaster set the theme for my clock. The workings were reattached and buttons added for the numbers. I said, everytime I start cleaning I get sidetracked if only to stop and tell you about this great clock.

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