Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Coffee and Diamonds

One of my favorite things is the diamond stencil that used to go with me to every retreat or club meeting. I've actually used it on so many projects that I'd given it a break for a while. I think it's back.... Take a look at my coffee and diamonds box. I haven't quite figured out where I'm going with it yet. It's sitting on small feet that I haven't attached...I think they're a bit low key. I really like the blue & green ones' shape (for a different box of course) but they're a bit large...maybe something in between is what I need. Now I'll be forced to go to Lowe's!! The diamond stencil is definitely back in business.

1 comment:

Michelle W said...

I like your diamond stencil. I have several things you have done and the diamonds are there. I think it is a great trade mark. Like the box.