Monday, April 21, 2008

Inchies by Clarissa

I am easily distracted... I can't even remember why I came upstairs to my room but when I did I remembered a promise to mail something out. I started getting the package ready which took me to a container from a previous stamp club meeting. As I'm digging around looking for the 'something to mail out' I see a plastic page holding several inchies. They look vaguely familiar...did I do these in my sleep? Where did they come from? And then I remember! These are the inchies that my fifteen year old did at stamp club. My TennGRITS friends have warmly welcomed Clarissa to be a part of the group and she loves every minute of it. She was only five or six when TennGRITS began and when I'd drive away for a meeting, she'd stand in the doorway screaming, "Don't leave me!" Talk about ripping my heart out! But anyway, here's the inchies she did when Alice Arterburn presented the project a couple of months ago.

Here's the five year old Clarissa and Clarissa today. Just had to throw those in even though I know I'm going to hear about it from her. Guess I'll find out if she's reading my blog!


Michelle W said...

She takes after Mom. Her work is great. I am with you there and the 15 year olds. Does she have that learners permit. Steph just got hers last week. All of my nerves are shot :D

Dianne Adams said...

Yeah buddy, she's driving. Her bd was on President's no permit that day but she did get it that week. We're all over town but haven't hit the interstate yet. I'm not ready and won't be for a while.
I'll be thinking of you live in Memphis or a smaller area. I'd sure hate to start letting them drive in a huge town.

Michi Michaelson said...

Clarissa's inchies are AWESOME!!!! You really set a good example for your 15-year-old daughter!!

Roxi Phillips said...

I think it's time for Clarisa to join in on a Muses swap! Awesome artwork, Clarissa!