Friday, June 6, 2008

Beautiful Morning!

This morning began cool but fairly clear. The 50 percent chance of rain dropped to 40 percent which was promising.
After breakfast, we decided to go back to Market Street where we left off yesterday evening. I had spotted some loose beads in the window of a closed store so I definitely wanted to check that one out. Macinac Lipidary Ltd. turned out to be a great store. Besides jewelry, they have a very good selection of loose beads. I spent a few bucks there but now have some unique beads to add to my stash.

How would you like this guys' job? It looks like a couple of coffee thermoses are hanging from each side of his basket. I can barely walk and talk at the same time...can't imagine balancing luggage and riding a bike.

Although the wind was brisk at times, we decided to stroll out to one end of the island and see Mission Point which was the first place we ever stayed here. I took a few shots along the way. Like the door shot from yesterday, the gate shot will end up in art at some point.

As we walked along, clouds began to darken and thunder could be heard in the distance. Unfortunately, about half-way to our destination we had to make a quick turnaround and head back to town. DH walks a bit slower due to knee surgery and he got a good soakin'.

We've had an enjoyable time here and hopefully will be back someday. I think I left in a comment that a shop owner recommended September as the best month to come. That's definitely something I'd consider the next time. Later...


Pam Seavers said...

Dianne, I've loved following you around on your vacation. Your pictures are beautiful. As I sit here in our 90 degree days, I know you're in a different world. Enjoy it!! Pam

Dianne Adams said...

Thank you for following me! I wish I could be two places at once so I could hang out at stamp club on Sunday. Guess we can't have everything our way, huh? Thank you so much for saying hello! See you soon.

Linda said...

Great looking place!!!!!!!!!