Monday, June 9, 2008

Making Memories in Chicago

We are working our way homeward and decided to explore Chicago and catch a game on Tuesday night. Clarissa inherited a love of baseball from her paternal grandmother (and great-grandmother, I'm told). Grandma Adams used to sit by the radio on baseball night and crochet and yell at the radio during the games; she was a true Cincinnati Reds fan.
So here we are. I have never been to Chicago but always thought it would be a good place to visit. DH worked here many years ago and I've heard a few stories over the years. Within the first hour of arriving, we were evacuated from our room due to a tornado. It was a scary experience but it turned out OK where we are. Unfortunately, I understand that a tornado did touch down somewhere in the area. The skies have remained overcast but so far it's only been rainy.
Today's plans were to visit The Art Institute of Chicago and The Paper Source. I've gotten the Paper Source's emails for some time now and it occurred to me this morning that they have a location here. We were able to visit both places. (I actually showed up at Paper Source's corporate headquarters..oops!....and they gave me the address for the retail store).
At The Art Institute, my favorite thing was seeing two of Joseph Cornell's boxes. I read his biography not too long ago so it was a treat to see some of his work. I made pictures of the boxes but they didn't turn out very well. Here's a shot of another favorite. This is "Still Life: Corner of a Table" by Henri Fantin-Latour. If you ever get the chance to visit the Paper Source, I'd say go for it. They have a selection of rubberstamps and the paper selection was wonderful. Bookbinding supplies, paper mache items, ...the list is long. That was my favorite stop of the day. Did I mention they have three floors?
Afterwards, the day got a bit 'bumpy'. We had wanted pizza and dh had asked for a couple of recommendations at a store. Somehow he and I didn't quite communicate what those restaurant names were and we ended up at a place that I thought was recommended but wasn't. He stopped because he thought I wanted to stop but I didn't want to stop...major communication breakdown! We pulled into the parking lot and had to pay $8 to park at the restaurant. We're not talking anything special here...just parking at the restaurant. When I go into a restaurant, I've become accustomed to the management appreciating my business and being pleasant. Now, here's the funny part. This restaurant's motto is to be rude. It's part of their gimmick. I was tooootally clueless to this fact. So when the guy at the desk insults me and then tells me to go away and wait, my southern blood boiled and I found myself telling this guy that he should be more polite. Of course, I was quite polite in doing so!! DH was amused and Clarissa was too shocked to move. Her eyes said it all. Once I realized the insults were part of the gimmick, it really didn't help. It just made me miss home. I also thought this young guy was enjoying his job way too much. In fact, he went on to insult me more as he took us to our table. OK, so it's supposed to be funny. It certainly was a new experience and one I'll remember for a long time. On top of everything else, they didn't serve pizza. Bummer supper. But as someone I used to know would always say..."Now, I ain't one to complain..." So, I'm not complaining but just reporting the facts.LOL.

Tomorrow is ballgame day and I'm planning a visit to Stamp On It which is less than two miles from Wrigley Field! How's that for luck!! We're eating at a restaurant that a friend has recommended so hopefully the host and I won't be trading insults!


Nancy said...

Welcome to Chicago. Isn't the Paper Source the best?? The one closest to me isn't nearly as big. If you can arrange it, consider eating at Giordano's pizza. It's really the best.

Dianne Adams said...

Thanks for the welcome and the recommendation! I wish I had posted earlier and maybe we would have had pizza last night! There's always lunch today...