Thursday, June 5, 2008

Venturing Out

The rain stopped and we were able to venture around this afternoon without umbrellas or hoods. We went down Market Street where there's several small shops including Maeve's Arts. Although I didn't make a purchase, I did enjoy her store very much. Her website is The art you see high on the wall is the artist's original art. It was a very pleasant stop.

Isn't this a fun name for a shop? This was a nice little gift shop and the owner was very friendly. Actually, everyone here seems very friendly.

The porch of the Market Street Inn looked very inviting. My last shot of the day is this sweet little herb garden in the front yard of someone's house.
Tomorrow's forecast is a high of 72 degrees and only a 50 percent chance of rain. I'm crossing my fingers that our last full day here will be a great weather day.


Michelle W said...

perfect temp is 72. Hope that your last day is a good one

Dianne Adams said...

72 it isn't! It was 48 degrees when we went to breakfast. Everyone keeps telling us that it is unseasonable think! I think they've revised the forecast and it may be 56 later today. Sounds like a heat wave is on the way! LOL. It really doesn't matter; we're having a good time and that's what counts.