Saturday, July 19, 2008

Today in History

Forty-nine years ago today, I made my entrance into the world. I don't know where the time has gone or how I got to be this old. Can you remember when forty-nine seemed ancient...I know I can but I'm singing a new tune now. I think I was nine months old when this photo was taken.

Tonight I'm being treated to a meal and a concert. A few weeks ago, Clarissa suggested I might like to go to an Alison Krauss concert and I thought it sounded good. She and her dad talked about it but no solid plans were made. Last night...the night before the concert...they got on line and were still able to get good tickets. I remarked that I was surprised there would be tickets at this late date and my dear, sweet daughter explained that since this is a concert for mainly 'older' people, it wouldn't sell out. Bless her heart.


Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Dianne...I remember when we first met online and our birth year was one thing we had in common...I said when I turned 49 that was it...I am not changing the number next year...I will just be 49+1...LOL...Have a great day and enjoy the concert...hugs, Debbie in Georgia

Michelle W said...

Belated Birthday wishes. I hope that you had a great day and have many many many more. I must confess I chuckled at your daughter's comment about the concert. Mine said just about tha same thing yesterday. Nothing like having a 15 year to keep in line and feeling old.

Yes 49 use to be old now it soooooooo young.

~Da Grandma said...

Welcome to the "older" generation. Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating! I've learned to appreciate every one of them and continue to want more!

Subriagirl said...

Happy late birthday Dianne! Hope the show went terrific. My daughter Jamie always calls me on her birthday to take me back on memory lane to when I had the most wonderful daughter in the world. haha....yes, she's a mess too! She calls herself the "perfect" child & that my first born was the experiment to perfection....what a cut up!