Saturday, August 30, 2008

Art Time

I had a bit of time last night and this morning to work in my art room and it feels sooo good! After being 'away', I didn't really know where to begin. So I reached for some of my favorite things and just let it happen.
I painted a paper mache canvas with medium victorian teal acrylic paint. I love using paint so that was a good beginning. The next thing I used is my tried and true diamond stencil. I've used this thing so many times that I have to occasionally soak it and scrape all the built up paint away. With the diamond stencil, I used more of the teal paint blended with ivory acrylic to give it a contrasting color. The angel and doves image is from a vintage diecut sheet sold by and the the dresden foil in teal is also available from rockcandy. I decided to crackle the piece and worked brown acrylic into the cracks.

This was a true 'comfort zone' piece and a good way to start the morning.


Roxi Phillips said...

Love it!!!

Michelle W said...

awesome piece! Love your diamonds!!