Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's Just Junk Mail

These samples were created using junk mail. Actually, they are from a slick, glossy catalog similiar in weight to that of a really nice postcard. Like.........maybe the latest Vera Bradley catalog. The first piece was CB embossed only. The second sample shows the result of a light sanding with fine sandpaper. I really think it is cool at this point but also like the third result which is covered using metallic rub-ons. I see this as a good border on a guy card....lots of possibilities.

The mosaic CB folder is one of my favorites. Again, these are done on high quality junk mail. Each piece began at step #1 which was to emboss and paint using Plaid's bronze glaze. The excess was blotted. Step #2 was to lightly sand allowing the white base of the paper to show through in places. Now for the fun...

After completing the first two steps, each of the next four pieces were treated differently. The top right sample was colored using Brilliance ink in violet. The excess ink was blotted and then beeswax was melted and spread into the impressed area. Love this one! The first sample on the bottom row was colored with Adorondack lettuce ink...very simple. The middle one received a second coat of glaze in blue bell also by Plaid and was then lightly sanded again. The last sample was colored with red chalk ink. I know these are super simple but they really make fun backgrounds.


Michelle W said...

I need to come and spend a weekend with you and your CB. I love all the samples. Thanks for sharing.

subriagirl said...

I always love seeing examples done with the cuttlebug and your samples are really terrific. And yes, this would make a great "manly" card!