Friday, August 8, 2008

Work and Fun

Well, it's official. After fifteen years, my maternity leave is over. I worked for sixteen years at our manufacturing company and during that time I modified my schedule after having our son and then worked for a year from home after Clarissa was born. It was a difficult year and I became a stay-at-home mom. Who started calling unemployed mothers that, I wonder? Oh well...I was blissfully unemployed and I had no desire to return to an office. My husband has wanted me to return for a few years now but I have resisted quite successfully. Recently, I've had a change of heart and decided I'd be willing to work at the office for maybe two days a week and also do a bit here at home. I'll continue to work on a couple of websites and will NEED to do art more now than ever!! The art time will remain the same. No art=insanity...know what I mean?

I've spent this week cleaning and organizing my workspace and now all it needs is some art work. There's a very cool site that allows you to create art using words; . The piece that I did for my wall was made at wordle. Another awesome site is I played at both sites for much too long this morning but managed to come up with something to show for it.

The key to using wordle is that the words you use the most times will print the largest. So, the word 'accounting' was typed maybe eight times, 'credit' and 'debit' maybe six times down to the smallest words being typed once. The generator can rearrange the words until you're satisfied plus there are color choices. I was pleased with the simplicity of this one and printed it out on good old columnar paper. It's mounted on black matboard and in an 11X14 frame. That will give you an idea of how large the wordle prints out. Another option is to enter your blog address and the wordle will pick up words from your blog and create a piece for you. You've got to try it! Work can be saved in a public gallery but I don't think it can be saved to your harddrive. As I said this piece is simple because I wanted that look but check out the gallery to see some of the awesome possibilities there.

The typogenerator is so much fun and I plan on making some things with it. Here's a sample of what I did rather quickly this morning. I only used two words "Be Accountable" and this is just one of dozens of generated choices. There are so many ways to use this site. I think you could come up with some great inspirational pieces using the typogenerator. This site does allow your work to be saved to the harddrive so that's a plus.

I'd love to see any creations you make using either of these sites! Be prepared to spend some time at it when you get started.


subriagirl said...

Dianne, I love the sites you show above. After playing in them both, I like the Typo one the best. I really like the combinations I got after entering in the words. Thanks!!

Michelle W said...

I will have to get on the sites. I love the accounting sheet. I sure need to get some art work in my office. Now that a year has and I am more settled I need to get the art work done.

akatrix said...

Dianne, I had not visited your blog for some time and was just as pleasantly surprised as I was the first time around. You always have interesting things to share....thank you so much. I really love the matted framed piece in black...looks fabulous.