Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tie Dye Tuesday!

Tomorrow is Groovy Day at Clarissa's school. She came up with the idea to tie dye a T-shirt and decorate an old pair of jeans. Can you believe I had never tie dyed before? Here's a shot of the white T-shirt with the sections banded off. Following directions, Clarissa wore the plastic gloves that came with the kit.

She worked away until there was very little white remaining. I did get to help some but this was definitely her project.

Isn't this neat? This is the finished product. I think she'll definitely look groovy!

The other idea she had was to alter some old jeans and make them look cool. The first thing we did was to print some images using transfer paper and the inkjet. The image pictured is a peace sign that she jeweled up.
Here's how the finished outfit turned out. If time permits, I'll snap her photo tomorrow after she's dressed.
Guess who didn't use gloves. Any ideas on removing permanent dye before sometime next week? LOL!


christina d said...

Her outfit came out neat!! She did a great job with the tie-dying. I still have ink on my hands so I'll be no help in your getting the dye off.

Michelle Wilkerson said...

Clarissa is like Stephenie why go buy something when you can make it..i am glad that they both are that way creating makes lif so much more fun:D I think you would agree

Dianne Adams said...

The permanent dye is gone..well almost! Liquid comet with bleach and an old tooth brush...that's the formula. I'll wear the gloves next time:)