Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Welcome To My Space

I've been doing a bit of cleaning up this afternoon and decided to share a few photos. There's still lots of organizing to do. I'd love to see some of your art rooms so please leave a comment and invite me over!
These are two of several organizers for the small stuff. I'm not totally pleased with this system but it works OK for now.

This is how I store my acrylic craft paint. In its previous life, this stand held videos. It is perfect for these inexpensive baskets that I picked up at the Dollar Store. I try to group color families in each basket.

This was a discarded Little Debbie rack that was put out for trash (there's not a scratch on it!) My son was still in high school and I had taken him along with some of the baseball players to Kentucky for a game and saw it sitting at a little country store. We stopped for cold drinks and I mustered up my courage and 'inquired' about the shelf. They were more than happy to get rid of it and I was happy to haul it back to Tennessee! Luckily, there was a pickup truck in our caravan so I was able to get it home. Spray paint, adhesives, and varnishes are a few things that are stored here.

This space needs work! Buttons of every shape and size are in jars. There are a few jars of stray ribbon here too. Any ideas?

This is another one of my trouble areas. I've been finding some great bargains at places like Big Lots and I've accumulated faster than I can use it. I'd love to see how you store all this STUFF!! I honestly can't even remember what I have because I forget I have it. Please link me up with your space and give me some ideas or just leave a comment and share how you store your stuff. I'll share more pics in the future...


Roxi Phillips said...

I could mess that beautifully organized space up with just one project! I must spend some time working over my studio, soon! I have spent all my energy on RockCandy Studios and neglected Designs by Roxi terribly! Love the Little Debbies shelf!

Michelle W said...

Great ideals..i wish i could get to this point..i do understand the problem with i forget what i have..i have started to put all those great finds that come in packaging in a bucket and leave it out to remind myself to DIG and see what I have to use..all my RCS stuff is in a case that I wast to alter some day..if i get a chance i will take a few pics and put them on my blog that will be fun..since i cleaned up some what this past weekend..sorry so long

Dianne Adams said...

You've given me a great idea! When you said buckets I immediately thought of those colorful buckets or tubs they sell at Walmart during the summer. You know, they have the plates, cups, etc. along with the ice buckets, pitchers and everything you can imagine. I could use a few of those buckets and put metal in one, plastic stuff in one and so on. Thanks!!

subriagirl said...

Oh my gosh Dianne, I'm with Roxi's comment! I would photograph my space but after seeing YOUR pics, forget it! Van has a storage unit that I'm snatching if he doesn't have anything in it....been 2 months he's had it now. All that space going to waste! Love your storage. I must get mine reorganized to be more assessable.