Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Groovy Kind of Day

OK, here's the photo I promised. I think it was a fun day for the kids...I saw an assortment of afros, ponchos, and smiley faces. Sure brought back some memories!!!


~Da Grandma said...

The outfit turned out so cool! Way to go, Clarissa!

Dianne, all your projects are so awesome. You are so quick. I am so slow. LOL But it's great therapy no matter what speed you are.

Michelle Wilkerson said...

Clarissa did great on the outfit..Stephenie has been having spirit week this week also for homecoming..she has come up with outragous things..glad to she is having fun..oh the days of no real worries:D

Dianne Adams said...

Yep, that's what they're having too..Spirit Week. Today was hat day so a baseball cap was sufficient.
da're not slow! You're are such a wonderful planner and you spend so much time working your projects out ahead of time. I just plunder right in and it may appear I get more done LOL. We just have different working styles. BTW, great book you made.