Saturday, October 25, 2008

Packing Time!

It feels longer than a week since I've blogged. Actually this week has felt like several weeks. My Monday was a Monday that joke material comes from. I have about a forty-five minute drive when I go to work and I was almost back to pick Clarissa up from school when I realized I had left my purse behind. My husband was still at the office so I called him and asked him to bring my purse home. No problem. I arrived at school in plenty of time and found my place at the head of the pickup line. Great...right? It's great if your car will start and mine wouldn't. I had turned my engine off while waiting and then all it would do was make that weird grinding sound. Being fifteen, this was so far the most humiliating thing Clarissa had experienced. Tears rolled down her cheeks while I asked a couple of men to help me get my car out of the way. So...another call to hubby...add jumper cables to that list and come NOW. About an hour later, he rolled into the parking lot with the jumper cables but no purse. The funniest thing was when I asked him where my purse was and he said he had forgotten. Then he asked me what was in it that I needed?

Have you ever heard the saying "Good things come in threes?" Well, sometimes not so good things come in threes. My stamp club friend Alice does a wonderful job of overseeing our retreat plans each year. She is the organizational queen of the universe. Our retreat is next weekend and being the organized person she is, she called one last time to make sure all things were in order at our retreat center. The center had us down for the wrong date! Whammy number three! How could this happen??!! We frantically began searching the internet for other options and tried to just relax.

Life improved on Tuesday. I drove all back roads until I got my purse back considering I didn't have my drivers' license. Hubby took my car in and had a new battery installed. But the miracle of miracle was that Alice found another location that has the very layout our group needs and they had availablity next weekend. Yep, a suite with a kitchen and a lounging-around area, enough rooms for us each to have a bed and a workroom with a huge window. We went and had a look on Wednesday and this new location might be more perfect than our old location. How's that for things turning around?

The rest of the week was pretty much uneventful but busy. I'm so excited because today is serious packing day for retreat. This shot is of my favorite paintbrush. It reminds me of the well-loved teddy bear that has one eye missing and is thread bare. OK, I'm off to begin the chore of packing and hopefully I can clean my space a bit as I go. Have a great weekend!


Veronica said...

My goodness.....what a week you've had! Tis a good thing these things don't happen often! Have FUN on your club's retreat! Thanks for the insight that this happens to everyone & just not to the person reading this! Huggs, Ronnie

Musing of a Patched Heart said...

Hi Dianne! I love this brush and I love the quote. I can just imagine you painting and humming and creating, enjoying every second just you and your brush! I hope that your retreat was wonderful :o) Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a sweet message too!

Michelle Wilkerson said...

oh i do understand about the embrassment of a 15 year old..stephenie would have probly just gotten out of the car and walked..glad tha you guys found an even better site for your retreat..go have fun sounds like you need it