Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another Retreat Project

I am still unpacking from retreat! This year was going to be a 'light-packing' year but I honestly couldn't tell a difference and it was my own fault. I'm always afraid I'll need something I don't have and tend to overdo the packing. I did end up without two of my most basic needs: sandpaper and a rag. I really need that rag in my lap for some reason and nothing works better than an old diaper. Clarissa is fifteen so you know my rags are old!!

As I was unpacking, I found this card that was presented at retreat by my friend, Joyce, and thought I'd share. Strips of paper are glued onto paper and then that piece of paper composed of strips is cut into new strips...(clear as mud?) These new strips along with black Mituhiki cord was placed onto a sticky surface into a pleasing pattern. I think the size of my strips should vary a bit more but I'm pretty pleased with it. The center medallion is from a Spellbinders' die and is held in place with a brad.

I continue to unpack but I'm packing again as I go and it is a much lighter load for sure. I'm beyond thrilled to be headed to an Anne Bagby workshop weekend in East Tennessee. I think I first noticed her work in True Colors a few years ago. I've been an admirer of her work ever since and can't wait for the weekend. Later!

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MixedMedia said...

ah a kindred spirit..i have the same rags that are the same age..of course she would die if she need i posted this on internet..have fun this weekend..neat technique