Monday, November 17, 2008

Signal Mountain: The Trip Up

Where do I begin? Several weeks ago, two friends and I were fortunate to land spots in an art weekend being taught by Anne Bagby. Three full days of Anne and her techniques so close to home were more than I could pass up. The location for this event was on Signal Mountain, Tennessee which is around a three hour drive for me.
I worked part of the day and decided to get started and hopefully arrive before dark. Alone with my GPS, I felt confident and excited. I'd never been to Signal Mountain before and for whatever reason, the word mountain just went over my head. I totally depended on the GPS to get me to where I was going and that works most of the time.
By the time I was nearing Signal Mountain, I was weary and it was getting dark. The GPS, which Clarissa and I affectionately named 'Bertha', told me to turn and I did and I did again and again and again. I have to tell you that I was afraid, very afraid. Fog had moved in and settled and the road I was traveling on is referred to as the "W". I suspect that's because of the hairpin curves that are pretty much continuous as you wind your way up. I prayed and I squinted and struggled with a little bit of panic. Sweet Bertha told me I had arrived but there was nothing but blackness and a chained gate to my left and I knew I was nowhere. I did intend to turn around and take another look but knew that it would have to be a safe driveway for turning around because there would be no backing into traffic. After missing the next three driveways after Bertha declaring that I had 'arrived', I turned into the fourth drive and just happened to look at the mailbox and saw the address I was actually looking for! To say I was relieved at that moment would be an understatement!
Here's a couple of shots of the cute little B&B that my friends and I stayed in; it was our little home away from home and it was so close to the workshop.

The owner of this place is an artist and has several painted items throughout the B&B including this door.

We worked on our homework (yes, there was homework!) at this table in the evenings. I'd thrown in a small OTT light which is always a good idea and it really came in handy on this trip. The electric blanket was a good idea too!

I've more to post but short on time. It was a great weekend and I can't wait to share....Later!

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Michelle Wilkerson said...

sounds like you had a great weekend..i am with you about driving in the mountains in the dark and the fog.. the b & b looks charming..can't wait to see and hear some more about your week end