Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Workshop

When I think of Anne Bagby's style, I think of her great stamp designs. This is one of the stamps I used during the workshop and it was about half the size of her larger stamps. This one is about 6" tall by 12" long. I was introduced to carving stamps a few years ago and carve occasionally but after using these stamps, I'm feeling the desire to get my carving gear out and create some new carved stamps.

On the first morning of the three day workshop, we were introduced to complicated paper. Our supply list included various inks, paints and glazes all in the color palette of greens, neutrals and oranges. We each had about 30 sheets of various papers to cover with layers of acrylic paint. The goal was to cover each sheet of paper with as many layers as possible in a short period of time. This is a sample of a piece of paper I did. My base was all neutrals but afterwards other layers of color were added.

Below is a page from my journal. I cut a window using a diecut and covered the page with strips of complicated paper. Note the orange and greens. I had just started adding a glaze (Golden brand in taupe) when I decided to snap this photo so I could compare the change that the additional layers of color would make.

This is the result of 3-4 layers of glaze, stenciling and a bit of machine sewing.

One of our homework assignments was to do some sketching. We picked out a few faces from Anne's samples and used those to sketch from. We were encouraged to photocopy our completed sketch and save the original. Here's my first attempt at sketching a face and I'm pretty OK with it. The copy was collaged onto a piece of the produced paper and was colored and shaded at this point.
Additional layers of color were added including glazes, water soluble wax pastels and more sewing. The sketch was also shaded and outlined a bit.

One of our challenges on the first day was to create a self-portrait collage on a piece of the complicated paper. This was the only project I couldn't complete. For whatever reason, I just couldn't produce. I believe it was the second day that we worked with shapes and created 'people'. The person I created became my self-portrait. Her "crown" is a shoe tap with the words 'high-test' and the number 24 is in the center. This is so symbolic of how I feel my life has been for the last 3-4 years. The two pieces over the chest are watch faces and the strings of thread are not trimmed leaving her a work in progress.

This is just a small sampling of the projects and techniques from the workshop. It was fast-paced and intense to say the least. I hope there will be more Anne Bagby weekends on Signal Mountain. I'm ready to sign up for the next one.


Michelle Wilkerson said...

i am jealous..looks like a great weekend..mark calendar for sept..we promise you a great creativity week end too:D

~Da Grandma said...

I need to rub elbows with you so maybe some this will rub off on me. Beautiful work!

Roxi Phillips said...

Having a time limit forces me to not over think everything.... and I'm a terrible over thinker. I love what you've done with these pages. Gotta take a workshop from Anne.

Dianne Adams said...

Roxi....I'm an overthinker too. The first day was all thought and not much production! One of my friends told me not to think so I went with it and what a surprise! I always need to know where I'm headed with something but need to learn how to play and arrive with no least part of the time.