Monday, January 12, 2009

Another Goal

Progress on my cleaning and organizing was slow this past week. I had some things to complete for Rock Candy and I was back to working part-time as well. On Wednesday, Clarissa and I were shot down by a 'flu-like' virus that lasts for a week or better according to her doctor. Ah, but isn't that just like life? Prayers would certainly be appreciated as we both still feel poorly.I decided that before I could completely clean the dormer area from my last goal, I needed some additional shelving. I've fallen in love with the track shelving that went in the furnace room so I have the same shelving on order. It will go into the walk-through area between my workroom and sewing room labeled "Paint, Glue". Currently, a Little Debbie snack shelf is holding these products but the new shelving will work so much better. The door will also come down; it will be the last remaining door in here since I've already removed two.

As Dave Ramsey would say, I'm still on Baby Step #1! Later...

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Nancy said...

I'm so inspired by your organizing progress. I'm not using any particular guide for my study of Job, just several good study Bibles with great notes and some commentaries.