Friday, January 2, 2009

Coming Clean in 2009

I was reading Michelle Murphy's blog the other day and she has chosen a personal word for 2009. That has been on my mind since reading it and I like the idea. So I'm choosing a word too. My word for 2009 is "Organize". Maybe even "Declutter" should be my word but I think organization requires some decluttering so "Organize" it will be. I've always been able to go right to the supply I needed but that's no longer true. At some point, I lost control of my space and I've been struggling to get it back. So...I'm going to share my efforts throughout the year. I'm starting in the smaller room that connects to my workroom. It is home to my sewing machines, paper area and tool storage among other stuff. I said I'm coming clean so here's the current picture of my paper corner and it is a mess!Today's task will be to take all the hanging paper down and store it rolled up. I'll also start moving some things onto this shelving unit I picked up at the local super home store. The urge to assemble this thing hit me at about 10:30 last night and I knew I wouldn't sleep until it was up. It's 4' wide, 18" deep and 72" tall. I will probably purchase one or two more of these units as the organization evolves. Later...

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~Da Grandma said...

You go, girl!!! Rah, rah!!
No, really, I'm with you. It's exciting and I know you will succeed splendidly!