Saturday, January 3, 2009

"Organize": Day 2

I hope this isn't too boring a subject. I have to tell you that it is exciting to finally be facing this task. I've worked in an organized space before - really, I have - and I know the difference in how it makes me feel opposed to working in a total mess.
Because I won't be able to work on this everyday, I'm trying to get some time in before life returns to on Tuesday! This is a really quick layout of my space to help you visualize what I'm working with.
I've started in the S&S room since it had become my 'throw it down' place although the rest of the space has gotten pretty bad, too. I've decided to set goals for each time I organize so that I don't feel quite so overwhelmed. Feeling overwhelmed is one of the reasons I haven't been able to get started on this before and by sharing with the world...or at least a few readers...maybe I'll be more accountable. Feel free to share comments and tips along the way...or maybe a cheer to keep me going.
OK, I'm going to share some more shots. One of yesterday's accomplishments was to totally remove the rack that held the hanging paper. I couldn't roll the paper up, partly because I didn't want to and partly because some of it was so thin that it didn't roll well. So it is in a large cardboard folder that the art stores give you when you purchase the larger sheets of paper. Where it will end up, I have no idea! It is stuffed into one of the dormers for now (is that what you call those little hallways?)
I purchased another large shelf unit and then a smaller version which was marked down to $19.99 at Target. Those both were assembled yesterday which was time consuming in itself.

It doesn't look like much yet, does it? Note the bottom bins here are the produce drawers from our fridge that died a couple of months ago. I knew they'd come in handy someday! They will hold my unfinished projects.

Today's goals: #1 Clean out this cabinet:Anyone remember "My Buddy"? And there is the 'sick' Care Bear my son got when he was 13 months old...he's almost 25 now. These and everything else will get a new storage home and this cabinet will hold fabric, batting and associated sewing stuff.

Goal #2: I have some track shelving stored in the attic from our previous home. It will come out of storage and be mounted in the furnace room. Wish me luck!


Robyn L. Coburn said...

I have a set of those very metal shelves pictured and they are a very good size - deep enough for all the various containers and boxes I have. Funny you are reusing appliance parts - they look good! I use the silverware caddy from an old dishwasher to carry markers - colorcoded.
Thanks for posting about your reorganization project. I followed you here from ArtComms.

Mar said...

this is NOT boring in the least!
i think everyone is on this page right now
trying to clean up our acts from 2008 and get ready for bringing in the new 2009
i am doing the same thing!
i am to a point now i think i am putting away the reorganizing task and going to get back to arting...but keep attacking the task or organization in between...

Michelle Murphy said...

oh i remember when i start that task last took a while but is so worth it now