Friday, January 9, 2009

Something To Live For and More!

Let me explain the title. I have a fifteen year old teenage daughter in my house and sometimes there is drama. Can anyone relate? She likes to share her feelings but she doesn't usually share until I'm ready for sleep. Then she talks and talks and I try to listen and encourage her. I do remember being fifteen and I don't want to go back; I understand she's growing up and the teen years can be stressful. Somewhere along the line, we came up with a little saying to sort of end our evening rants...uh chats. I try to think of something that's in the near future that we have planned so we can focus on that. We always end that discussion with "Well, that's something to live for!" Silly, but it works.

Off and running onto another subject: I've signed up for an online digital art class and this is one of the photos I took for that class. I love trees and really like the contrast of the afternoon sky with all the trees. Living here in the middle of Tennessee, there aren't many opportunities for classes that interest me so this online opportunity is exciting. But I do have to share an event that is happening right here in Tennessee in September 2009. Four wonderfully talented ladies have come together to bring Mixed Media Melange on Sept 10th - 13th, 2009 to Tennessee. The event is near Memphis and registration begins on January 15. Please jump over to the blogs of Roxi and Michelle for more information. Hey, it's something to live for!


Michelle Murphy said...

i do understand the 15 year old drama and the chats when i am ready for bed and not that i have seen her for hours before this time and had asked whats going and get the usual responds nothing..then it is like mom is ready for bed and i have found things that i need to talk about:D..Thanks for the blurp..hope to see you there

Sherry Goodloe said...

I have a 17-year old son, and I WISH I could get him to "chat" more. All I get is yes, no, ok, nothing, do you have any money? However, he DOES seem to communicate with me more by texting! I guess it's just "the times". Hey, I'll take communication any way I can get it! :)

I like the "That's something to live for". I'm going to try that one out on my son the next time he asks me can he buy another Christian Audigier t-shirt! LOL