Sunday, March 22, 2009

Where Would You Go?

My best friend from high school and I are both approaching a big, really big, birthday. So to celebrate our 50th birthdays, we want to take a little trip. I need ideas!! Please share a great place you've visited, lived or want to go.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fabric Flower

I was inspired by a blog post from friend Ronnie Goff and her paper flowers. I wanted to spend the day doing something fun and decided to try my hand at paper flowers. While searching for paper flower instructions, I found this fabric flower tutorial. I added a bit of starch to my finished flower to help fluff it up a bit. I imagine thicker fabric might fluff more on its own. This could be addictive.

BTW, if anyone has a tutorial on paper flowers, I'd love the link. Later...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ladybug Desk

I posted a photo of a school desk several weeks ago and asked for ideas. The desk is for a school auction and is a first grade project. Here's the before:
Here's the after:
The desk was sanded and primed twice. Two different shades of butter-yellow paint were used with sanding in between the coats for a more aged look. Painters tape was put down to create the stripes. After removing the tape, I sanded the white edges a bit so they would also have a worn look. The children used their thumbs to add the red ladybugs. A black paint marker was used to add the dots and dashes and a short verse. It was finished off with two coats of satin varnish. Fun!
Thanks to those that sent ideas or links. I promised goodie bags and I haven't forgotten! Those should be put together and out the door next week.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Country Girls in the Big City

It seems like forever since I've posted. Clarissa's class trip was last week and we were in New York enjoying time in a city we've never visited. Four days of non-stop sightseeing was our agenda. The tour bus took us into the city each morning between 7:30-8:00 A.M. and we spent the day either walking or taking the subway. On the first day there, we logged in over ten miles of walking.
Our Tennessee accents were noticed often (imagine that!) and we even had fun letting others guess where we are from. We saw so many things but I'll only share a few. One place that was particularly touching was St. Paul's Chapel, near Ground Zero, which has many displays in memory of those lost during 911. If you ever get the chance to visit, it's worth the stop. The time spent there made the tragedy much more real. I looked at the "altered" boot and the thought of all the altered lives really hit. I went away changed by the exhibit.
We went on a tour of the United Nations and this is one piece of art that caught my eye. It made me want to rush home and carve something. All of the thirty articles of Human Rights can be found here.
"Ballet on a Box" was another attention grabber. She worked in the subway and only moved when money was dropped in the box. Clarissa decided it was a pretty creative way to pay the rent.
I think we both agreed that our best meal was at Wo-Hop in Chinatown. The food was excellent. We did a little bit of shopping and then hung out in a coffee bar to rest our weary feet.
On the last day there, we braved the very cold wind and took a stroll on the Brooklyn Bridge. Some nice memories were made last week but it sure is good to be home. We want to go back but we'll leave the bus at home next time! I hope to be back to my art soon. Later...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Look Inside The Book

This is the chipboard book that I posted the cover of several days ago. The book kit which includes several decorative diecuts is available from Debbie's Die Cuts. I've worked on the pages and would like to share. All chipboard pages are covered with scrapbook papers in black, white, red or cream. It was no problem at all to use my sewing machine to put a zigzag border around the chipboard edges. I also added inks and paint around the edges to give it a more aged look. The book comes without any binding holes so you may choose the method of binding that you like. I used my Bind-it-All with a red coil and love the results.

The front features a chipboard 'A' from my stash and it was sanded, painted and the edges were emphasized with Rub-ons. A small foil crown was added. The rub-ons and crown are from Rock Candy Studios. My plan was to use the book for ancestors or Adams family photos and I ended up using my husband and his family's pictures.

This is a shot of the back of the front cover. This is my husband at around nine months of age. Paint was dabbed around the photo area because the patterned paper competed a bit too much with the photo. Photo corners were added.

A strip of school pictures is featured on the tag shape page. All stamps are by Oxford Impressions. I used a white Galaxy pen to write his name but had to go over it several times for it to show up well enough. Handmade paper beads hang through torn fabric and a brad from my stash is used in the hole. All photos throughout the book were stippled using Tim Holtz' distress inks.

This is a high school photo. The swirl is part of the kit and is the perfect shape for wrapping a handwritten note around. The caption is "Let the Journey Begin! First Stop: Nashville". It seems that after graduation my husband decided it would be fun to hitchhike to Nashville (from Ohio). He'd always wanted to go to the Grand Ole Opry. So he slipped away early one morning without telling his family. That was quite a few years ago when it wasn't as dangerous as it is today to hitchhike but you can imagine the upset he caused his poor parents! It's funny that he's ended up living much of his adult life in Tennessee and only about forty-five minutes away from his destination of so many years ago. And yes, he did make it to Tennessee to see the Opry.

This photo is my husband and his mom around the Christmas holidays of 1963. The bracket comes with the book kit. Photo edges were added to the photo and Christmas seals were layered under the picture. This page is in the shape of a file the shape. The metal piece is from my stash.

This is a another family shot from 1952. More photo corners, distress ink, die cut piece from the kit and the numbers are from my stash.

This chipboard page was covered with red paper and put through the CB using the swirl folder. I used acrylic paints, Rub-ons and distress ink to color the page. A photo, torn ribbon, rub-on numbers and another die cut was added. A piece of black french trim (love this stuff) was used on the outer edge and is available from Rock Candy Studios.

These photos are my husband's brothers and sisters. He was the oldest and was actually already away at school when his youngest brother was born. This is the back side of the CB page and features the same torn fabric, photo corners and french trim from Rock Candy.

This is the inside of the back cover. My husband was born while his father was at sea during the war. I copied and reduced the letter that my father-in-law sent inquiring about the 'blessed event'. Things were so different then and he had no way of knowing that his first child had been born. Again, I continued the feel of the book with more distress ink, metal numbers from my stash and photo corners. The hearts are from my stash.

I enjoyed putting this book together and I think using family photos make it more special. I wish I had more photos from my family as well as my husband's. It's a good reminder to be snapping those shots for our future generations. They may treasure them as much as we do someday! Later...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Giveaway Winner

Lucky #2, Melissa, was the winner of these unmounted stamps. They're already in the mail and should be arriving soon.
I hope to have more giveaways as I slowly organize my space.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Morning Snow

There was a prediction of snow last night but we've had so many no-show snows, that I didn't really expect to see any white stuff this morning. Reports say we have 8" in Columbia but I don't think we have that much here. It's hard to believe that it was 70 degrees on Friday.