Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fabric Flower

I was inspired by a blog post from friend Ronnie Goff and her paper flowers. I wanted to spend the day doing something fun and decided to try my hand at paper flowers. While searching for paper flower instructions, I found this fabric flower tutorial. I added a bit of starch to my finished flower to help fluff it up a bit. I imagine thicker fabric might fluff more on its own. This could be addictive.

BTW, if anyone has a tutorial on paper flowers, I'd love the link. Later...


Ragamuffin Gal said...

Dianne ~
Your flower is lovely ~ perfect for the first day of Spring! I love it! Do you have an Etsy Store?

Sharon said...

This flower is gorgeous, Dianne. I've never tried fabric flowers, but I have lovely memories of making crepe paper flowers with my Granny when I was very young. I've been thinking about those a lot lately and wondering if I could still make them. They are addictive! Have fun! LOL

Michelle Murphy said...

WOW!!! those look so pretty and i love the button for the center..i made paper flowers last mother's day for a paper hat that i made for a breakfast that we had to wear a hat too..i put it on my blog and don't think anyone reliazed that i made the flowers from paper