Sunday, March 22, 2009

Where Would You Go?

My best friend from high school and I are both approaching a big, really big, birthday. So to celebrate our 50th birthdays, we want to take a little trip. I need ideas!! Please share a great place you've visited, lived or want to go.


Subriagirl said...

Dianne, I just love the look of you in that picture! Soooooo cute back then & still today! huggs, ronnie

Anonymous said...

OK, if you're anywhere near Colorado, you HAVE to swing in here and spend some time in our glorious MOUNTAINS, they are incredible! (Stay home today, though, they're getting major snow, lol) I'm telling you, pick a spot on the map of the mountains, THAT's the place for you...)

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm celebrating MY 50th this year, too, on June 1! I'm not feeling 50, I still feel 18 (but with bifocals and cholesterol meds, lol)

Robin at Ma Vinci's Reliquary
Rubber Stamp Alphabets galore!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I should have also said, where I MYSELF would go is the BEACH. Any beach. I love the beach. I've never lived near one, but someday I will. THE BEACH, go there, and take me.

Robin at Ma Vinci's Reliquary

Michelle Murphy said...

hey you could go to each of the states one for each year old you will be:D..i could think of many places that i would like to go..but alot that depends on what the two of you like doing...i am sure that it will be fun no matter where you are:D

~Da Grandma said...

Does your friend live in Tennessee? How much time do you have for this celebration? A day? A weekend? A week? 50 days? How far are you willing to go? 50 miles? How many modes of tranportation are you willing to take? fly, drive or float? Can you see my analytical side coming out? Any other details I need to know before rendering an answer?

Dianne Q Adams said...

Wow..getting a new kidney will do wonders for a person, won't it!! Love ya! So glad to see you posting on here.
Yes, my friend lives in Tennessee. We will probably take a very long weekend...maybe 4-5 days. We will probably fly; no cruises for me. It now looks like it might be in October; I was thinking June but there's a grandbaby (hers, not mine) on the way.