Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's A Birthday

This is the year of the "big birthdays" for our family. Clarissa just turned 16, my husband and I both have birthdays that either end in 5 or 0 coming up, and today is our son's 25th. How could I know that this sweet-faced baby would bring so much into our lives? During his earlier years, we made more ER visits than I'd like to recall but thank goodness he made it to adulthood intact. Multiple broken bones, concussion 'syndrome'..... and I can't leave out the time he and friends were throwing rocks and we ended up in Vanderbilt with an eye injury. That was a close call but God touched him and he still has both of his beautiful blue eyes. Besides the injuries to his body, I recall the van window that he took out with his baseball bat while trying to knock the ice off the window for me. The school years, the field trips, the ball teams...I could go on and on. I treasure these 25 years that we've had and I look forward to many more. Tyler has made us proud and we couldn't ask for more.

And Tyler, if you happen to sneak a peak at my blog today....Happy Birthday Son!

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Michelle Murphy said...

ahhh! what us moms remember..you guys are having big birthday this year..tomorrow i am taking steph for the driving test and to get the license(please pray:))..happy birthday to tyler..many more