Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Painted Fabric

A few days ago I posted this piece of painted muslin and I want to share what I did with it. I'm on a fabric flower kick and so I had to see how the fabric would look using it to make a flower. Because it needed a little more color, I added bright red paint using a foam stamp, a stencil and a bit of splatter. The button was easy to cover with gingham and a gingham layer was added to the flower also.
The next piece is a heavier piece of muslin that was painted using cheap red acrylic paint. The paint was very bright but once dry it turned into this creamy coral shade. The border was achieved using a credit card. Stencils and stamps were used to apply black acrylic paint. The plan for this piece was for a book cover but I decided to cut it up. The coral and black piece was cut into circles and the edges were snipped and frayed. I like the texture of the heavier weight muslin for this one.
This is the result:

The last flower was made from white on white fabric with the idea being inspired by Traci Bautista's work. The small leaves are a part of the fabric and serve as a resist and the white checks are white acrylic paint overstamped onto the back of the fabric.
These are great adornments for tote bags, aprons, and journals just to name a few plus they're very addictive. Later...

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Sharon said...

These are really pretty, Diane! I like the painted fabrics a lot. They would make a lot of pretty, fun art things besides the flowers.