Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brown-Eyed Girl and Lonely Heart

These are the final Rock Candy projects that I made for the month of June. "Brown-eyed Girl" features girl #31 from the Girly Girl image cd. Buttons by the shot, a rusty french key and rayon ribbon are all Rock Candy products.

This image from Rock Candy's Manly Man CD looks like the loneliest fellow in the world. The base of "Lonely Heart" is a canvas panel collaged with tissue and acrylic paint. Rock Candy products include: Image CD, silver foil tape, metallic rub-ons, angel wings, and metal corner protectors. I ran the metal tape through a Cuttlebug folder and applied gesso to the tape. After the gesso dried, I used metallic rub-ons to emphasize the design. Rub-ons were also used around the edges of the piece.

Check Rock Candy's gallery in the weeks ahead as another design team member will be featured during July.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sunday Postcard Art

This week's theme at Sunday Postcard Art is "4th of July". My postcard features patterned paper and stamped images from Artistic Outpost's 'Hero' plate. Foil trim is from Rock Candy.
The photo is of my late father-in-law around 1944.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Friends" Pendant

Rock Candy's "Girlfriend" image from their Girly Girl Image CD is a perfect photo for this silver circle pendant. There are several ways to get the perfect circle. I have a circle punch that happened to be the correct size for the opening of the pendant. I coated the back of the punched image with gesso. Be sure to seal images with a spray sealant before applying glaze. This will prevent the ink on the image from running or discoloring. Notice the ring of color around the image...this is what can happen if you forget to seal! I have to say that in this case the bit of green border worked out but it could have been a disaster. The image is a laser copy but an inkjet would definitely be a mess. The word "friends" was cut from a magazine and glued to the image. Two coats of Diamond Glaze were applied to complete the image area. I added my own handmade paper beads along with metal beads and a heart charm from my stash. Rock Candy Studios products used: Pendant, Grande, Silver circle, Diamond Glaze, Girly Girl CD, "Girlfriends" image. These pendants are so easy to use and the possibilities are endless. Besides the circle shape, they are available in other designs as well.

Monday, June 22, 2009

"My Father" for Rock Candy Studios

With Father's Day in mind, I created this piece for Rock Candy Studios. I covered the base with scrapbooking paper and then added paint using an old credit card. The photo is from RC's Manly Man (image #15) image CD. The border trim was made using several of Rock Candy's products: aluminum metal roll, and design border (love this and they come in sets of 3) and the texture tool. Once the border design was finished, I sprayed flat black paint onto the aluminum and allowed it to dry. Metallic Rub-ons were applied to allow the design to pop. Rock Candy's leaf and flower border in antique gold was used on each side of the design border. Rock Candy also has a gallery for ideas using their products.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day -Thanks For Showing Up!

Today's challenge at Sunday Postcard Art is "Fathers". For my entry I used a photo of my dad and my daughter after Grandparent's Day at her school. I know that this event is not my dad's favorite thing...the seats aren't very comfortable, the program is long...but he still shows up and makes his granddaughter feel special because she has someone there. Thanks daddy for showing up for her just like you've always shown up for me. Happy Father's Day.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Luck and Love" Paper Heart

To create this hand-stitched paper heart for Rock Candy Studios, I painted gesso onto the fronts and backs of two sheets of computer paper. After the gesso had dried, I printed Girl #70 from the Girly Girl Image CD onto one of the sheets. (Note: I lightly sanded the dry gesso before running through the printer. This helped remove any uneven areas that might affect the printing area. Also, a laser printer was used.) A clear heart-shaped pattern was used to cut out the hearts which made it easier to center the image. A paper doily and shades of lavender and purple acrylic paint were used to stencil a pattern onto the heart. Rock Candy's White Baroque border (RC0239W) was added to the heart. I then stitched around the stenciled pattern on the front and back and buttons were added to the front. Quilt batting was placed between the two layers and ribbon for hanging was also placed inside the heart. The edges were closed using a blanket stitch. Golden glazes and Metallic Rub-ons were used to accent the stitching. Check out my side bar or use these links to check out Rock Candy's store as well as their gallery.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Door Challenge - The Three Muses

Today's challenge theme at The Three Muses is "doors". Here's my entry which features a door photographed while on vacation and a photo of my daddy. Often I use vintage photos and wonder about the lives of the people in the pictures. I especially enjoyed this piece because I know the answer to the question. He did open the door of opportunity and became someone I'm very proud to call my dad.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Sampler Size: 8X10

At our last TennGRITS club meeting, we worked on inchies. I made mine a bit bigger at 2" and decided to use them in a sampler. The base was previously a piece of art that I sanded down (bought on clearance for $2.72). I painted it using brown gesso and teal blue latex wall paint. Some texture is visible and that was achieved by pulling some of the paint with a paper towel. Bubble wrap and mesh were also used to add pattern to the base. I first painted the 2" squares with latex paint and then collaged various papers. Once dry, I sanded them down a bit and stamped directly onto the squares using Staz-On ink. The squares have a glossy finish while the background is matte. I like the contrast of the two finishes. I used too many stamps to give proper credit but I'm sure some are very recognizable. Later...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sunday Postcard Art: Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I haven't participated in Sunday Postcard Art in a while but decided to jump back in this week. This week's theme is 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'. Check out the other entries at http://sundaypostcardart.wordpress.com/ Stamps are by Oxford Impressions.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Special Delivery

When I checked my mailbox today, I heard tiny little cries coming from the newpaper box underneath. I just had to grab my camera and share. Mama bird wasn't too pleased and stood guard waiting to deliver food after I walked away from taking the pictures.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Theme Thursday - Flourishes

This week's challenge at Theme Thursday is flourishes. I used Artistic Outpost stamps from the "Happiness" plate. The base is pale lime green and it is colored with chalks. Fun!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


"Abigail" was another fun piece to make for Rock Candy Studios. The image is from RC's Girly Girl CD. She is a sepia tone image but I tweaked her a bit in my photo editor and made her a nice rosey color. Medallion corners, eyeglasses and Diamond Glaze (inside the glasses) are all available from the girls at Rock Candy.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Traveler

This is the second of eight pieces to be featured by Rock Candy Studios this month...Thank you Rock Candy! Vintage photos inspire me and I often imagine a story behind the picture. Sometimes a quote comes to mind. This 'old man' as he is affectionately called on Rock Candy's Manly Man CD (soon to be released) really spoke to me. As someone that has lived a long time, the journey was surely an interesting one. I decided to use the following quote by Ursula K LeGuin:

It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end.

The base is a canvas board with two holes drilled into the board for hanging. I love texture and I use a variation of the same technique in much of my canvas work. I put down a coat of acrylic paint and add pieces of tissue paper with gel medium. After allowing this to dry it is lightly sanded and another layer of tissue paper and paint follows. I continue adding layers until I'm satisfied that it is ready. With this piece I added a bit of torn map and glazes to tone the map down. Rock Candy products used for The Traveler are: image, black baroque border, rusty wire, nameplate and ticket stub.

Theme Thursday - People With Hats

This week at Theme Thursday the call is for "People With Hats". The base of this piece is 4"x6" 140 lb. watercolor paper. Acrylic paint and Golden glazes were used for the background colors. Sewing, rub-ons and flowers from my stash were used to accent this postcard size piece.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Have A Secret

"I Have A Secret" was made using stuff from my stash. The back is from a bundle of heavyweight packaging pieces that my son saved for me. He's inherited my packrat tendencies and if he doesn't want it, I guess I get second dibs. I think using several of these would work great for a book. I sanded the words off of the base and then scraped paint onto it. The base that the image is on was an experiment in making paper cloth but it turned out a bit heavy and vinyl-like so I'll try again. Keep saving your trash Tyler! Later...

Monday, June 1, 2009


Rock Candy Studios is up and running with a new blog. I'm delighted that some of my art will be appearing on the blog during the month of June. Today's piece is called "Eunice". The base is a 6"X12" stretched canvas. Layers of paint and tissue paper were added along with stenciling to create a textured background. The image is from Rock Candy's Manly Man image CD (soon to be released). Other Rock Candy products include vintage background paper and Aluminum Metal Roll RC2005A.
While there, check out fellow artist Shelly Hickox's work that is also being featured this month.