Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Luck and Love" Paper Heart

To create this hand-stitched paper heart for Rock Candy Studios, I painted gesso onto the fronts and backs of two sheets of computer paper. After the gesso had dried, I printed Girl #70 from the Girly Girl Image CD onto one of the sheets. (Note: I lightly sanded the dry gesso before running through the printer. This helped remove any uneven areas that might affect the printing area. Also, a laser printer was used.) A clear heart-shaped pattern was used to cut out the hearts which made it easier to center the image. A paper doily and shades of lavender and purple acrylic paint were used to stencil a pattern onto the heart. Rock Candy's White Baroque border (RC0239W) was added to the heart. I then stitched around the stenciled pattern on the front and back and buttons were added to the front. Quilt batting was placed between the two layers and ribbon for hanging was also placed inside the heart. The edges were closed using a blanket stitch. Golden glazes and Metallic Rub-ons were used to accent the stitching. Check out my side bar or use these links to check out Rock Candy's store as well as their gallery.

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Nan said...

This is beautiful! i love the colors and the detail. I'm so clad you visited my blog and now I'm off to visit Rock Candy. I hope I won't have a new addiction! :)