Friday, November 27, 2009

Sisterhood Book Published

I did the happy dance last week when I came home to a complimentary copy of Somerset Studio's Winter 2010 Gallery. My "Sisterhood" altered bookboard is featured in the Special Book Section.

The images and quotes were printed directly on muslin and heat set with an iron. The vintage images are all from Rock Candy Studios. Rock Candy has a variety of supplies for mixed media art as well as image CDs and sheets.

This shot shows the shape of the bookboard.  The back of the bookboard is longer than the rest of the pages and that is what initially attracted me to this particular board book.  I wanted to put something on the extended page that would tie the book together since it is visible at all times.  "Sisters are different flowers from the same garden" -Author Unknown- was the perfect quote and cutting the muslin into an oval shape made it a bit more interesting.

Various fabrics were ripped and attached to the book board using gel
 medium.  Lots of handstitching went into this book as well and I enjoyed every stitch! 

Buttons, beads, flowers and charms all add to the book's appeal.  All muslin pieces are backed with quilt batting.

 It's always a thrill to have something published.  I hope you enjoyed looking!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blue Book

The event that I look forward to every fall is the TennGRITS' art retreat.  We've been doing this for years now and I think we just keep perfecting it. There aren't many events in Tennessee that cater to the mixed-media artist, so it's a real treat to be a part of this art group.  This year's retreat was the best yet and plans are already underway for next year's project!  I worked on the autumn book that I previously posted and started another one in blue.  I hope to do some journaling in the blue book rather than just having decorative paper. 

The beginning: I decided to go with cool shades of blue and see where it would lead.  I've added some soft lavender, gold and brown.  The brown on the pages will get glazed over to soften the look.  The designs on the covers were either stamped or stenciled using gesso on dyed muslin.  My desire is for this book to reflect faith, calm, and security.

Here's a few glimpses of the pages I've worked on so far.  There's still some glazing and additional layers to go plus many more pages to be made.  I decided instead of doing complete sheets and then ripping them down to book size, I ripped first and then treated each piece as a page.  By doing this, I was able to do some sewing on the pages and used that as part of the design element.

I'll post the book when it is completed.  Later...

Autumn Book - Not Quite Finished

Art club retreat was last weekend and I used part of the time to work on this book that I had already started.  I'm still not finished!  The plan is to add embellishments to the front and I'm looking for the perfect ones before plunging on.  The covers are dyed muslin with dyed paper towels layered and sewn on.  I used a liquid sealer over the paper towels to add strength to the paper and the result was one I like.  The paper towel surface looks a bit leather-like and there's a sheen that is in contrast to the muslin.  The edges are finished with a blanket stitch.

For the teal book that I posted a while ago, I went strictly by Traci Bautista's instructions in her "Collage Unleashed" book (which I love).  But this time around, I decided to take the steps in a different order.  With the first book, I had problems sewing the book pages and spine to the book after adding all the fibers to the latch hook material.  For this book, I layered the muslin and paper towel onto the silence cloth and then sewed the latch hook material to the front and back.  The painted paper page signatures were sewn into a piece of interfacing as Traci's directions call for.  To the interfacing flaps, I went ahead and added the fabric that lines the inside of the covers.  Being sure to leave enough room to latch hook, I sewed the pages and fabric lining to the inside of the book and trimmed the fabric overhang from the cover.  Forgive me if this is clear as mud!  The advantage of this method is that I didn't have to deal with the bulk of the latch hook fibers while sewing the book together. 

A glance inside the book...

You can see a bit of the inside of the covers. I used a purchased fabric for this one. 

One last shot of the inside. 

I love the look of the latch hook spine and it really is pretty easy though time consuming.  Here's a shot below of the spines of the two books I've finished so far...  They sit on a shelf and I love walking by and seeing all those beautiful colors.

What will I do with these?  I think I'll just enjoy the colors and the papers.  As someone said, they're like paper sample books and they're just fun to look at.  I started a third book at retreat and I plan to do the pages a bit differently.  Hopefully, there will be more open space on the pages for writing.  Later...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Anne Bagby Workshop

Time flies when you're having fun and so it's been awhile since I last blogged.  Anne's Bagby's Signal Mountain weekend was a really enjoyable experience this year.  The papers pictured above were created on 12"X12" deli paper.  We used Anne's stamps to create our complicated papers.

The landscape was a quick exercise and there wasn't much time to think.  We had to lay down strips and add an element.   It could have used something else but I was lagging behind and threw this together pretty quickly.

Tiny composition books were used as a collage base for our self portaits.  I went with a symbolic self-portrait but some of the ladies did really wonderful jobs of collaging their images. 

Thanks (I think) to my new friend Lynne who snapped this photo as I worked.  I really had those arms going!  The entire group of ladies at this retreat felt like 'new friends'. 

We brought two sets of acrylic paint colors and these are the colors I used on the last day.  The object was to lay down a cross shape and to use some type of chop on the page.  These sheets were also created using deli paper. 

Anne's workshop was a real treat.  Besides the papers we made, we also transferred images onto carving block and worked on handcarved stamps.  Sorry, I have nothing to show!  I'm still working on mine and will be for some time.  The design I picked was very detailed and it may be spring before I get back to it!