Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Anne Bagby Workshop

Time flies when you're having fun and so it's been awhile since I last blogged.  Anne's Bagby's Signal Mountain weekend was a really enjoyable experience this year.  The papers pictured above were created on 12"X12" deli paper.  We used Anne's stamps to create our complicated papers.

The landscape was a quick exercise and there wasn't much time to think.  We had to lay down strips and add an element.   It could have used something else but I was lagging behind and threw this together pretty quickly.

Tiny composition books were used as a collage base for our self portaits.  I went with a symbolic self-portrait but some of the ladies did really wonderful jobs of collaging their images. 

Thanks (I think) to my new friend Lynne who snapped this photo as I worked.  I really had those arms going!  The entire group of ladies at this retreat felt like 'new friends'. 

We brought two sets of acrylic paint colors and these are the colors I used on the last day.  The object was to lay down a cross shape and to use some type of chop on the page.  These sheets were also created using deli paper. 

Anne's workshop was a real treat.  Besides the papers we made, we also transferred images onto carving block and worked on handcarved stamps.  Sorry, I have nothing to show!  I'm still working on mine and will be for some time.  The design I picked was very detailed and it may be spring before I get back to it! 


Lori Saul said...

Wow- sounds like a wonderful workshop - what fun ! I love your piece with the heart- fantastic. It's amazing what one can learn from other artists and working together - always a great experience. Thanks for sharing!

Margaret said...

So many things to admire in this post Dianne, I love the landscape, such a simple idea with a super result. The colours in the cross are gorgeous and I love the pattern you've created M

Ragamuffin Gal said...

The workshop looks like it was amazing!!! Thanks for sharing it with us! Blessings!

bj said...

What kind of deli paper do you use? And where can I get some?

bockel24 said...

Oooooh, that post really made me envious!!! I´ve always loved Anne´s backgrounds wherever I´ve seen them ... must have been a fantastic workshop!