Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Main Street Block Swap

Over at 'In This House And Garden', a new swap is gearing up.  This is the first block I've worked on for the Main Street Block Swap.  I think it  needs some embellishments but I'm going to let it sit for a few days while I try to figure it out.

One of the sides with a quote by Thomas Jefferson...

The back of the block with a tree for a touch of scenery while trying to stick to my bank building theme.  There's still time for signing up!  Later...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Memories

With Christmas preparations and work, I haven't blogged much this month.  This morning in the quiet, I took in the tree and the decorations, and I realized how many memories are represented on the tree each year.  I thought I'd share a few...

Isn't this the most perfect wreath?  I admit I can't remember if it was Tyler's or Clarissa's but I cherish it either way.   It sure brings back some fun memories of both of their elementary school years. 

Another elementary school decoration and this one is Clarissa's.  Popsicle sticks, buttons, wooden cutouts and fun foam...does it get any better?  So to all those teachers that take the time at Christmas for ornament making: thank you! 

I made nine or ten of these in 1983 which was during my cross-stitch phase!  This one was for my husband but I also have one that says "Baby-Boy or Girl?"  Pregnant with my oldest, I wouldn't know until he arrived what we were having.  Ultrasounds weren't used as freely as they are now so the mystery remained until April when we welcomed Tyler.

This ornament is just two years old but the picture was scanned from when I was five years old and my brother was only two months old.  I'm still working on a series of family star ornaments and the collection grows each year.  Thanks to my friend Jane Harrison for the idea.

Another school memory and this one is from Tyler's high school years.  He loved doing stats and helping with the girl's volleyball team and this ornament always reminds me of those times.  He's gone on to be a TSSAA volleyball referee as well as a certified national line judge.  Good memories!

This is one of my favorites and it was a gift from my friend Pam Seavers.  The photo is of a young 'me', but the work is all Pam's.  I think of her and the sweet person she is every year when I hang it plus I love the ornament...thanks Pam!

This is a 5X7 clear acrylic box frame and it was Clarissa's gift to give at our annual art club gift exchange.  The insides of the box are coated with gesso and covered in glitter.  The snowflakes are from a Martha punch and the whole thing is glittered.  When I see something Clarissa has made, I'm reminded of how she used to stand in the door as I'd drive away to club and now she's old enough to go with me.  This piece is sitting on the mantle...just a bit big for the tree!

The last shot I'll share from my morning musings are of the snow men that also grace my mantle.  "Peace" and "Joy" were made by art club friend Allison Revetta.  The snowflake snowman was another Clarissa gift.  These were big last year when Cloth Paper Scissors featured the bottle snowman on their holiday cover.

From my home to yours, Merry Christmas. 
May your happy memories be many!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

One World, One Heart's coming...

This yearly event is just around the corner.  I participated last year and it was so much fun to explore so many blogs.  If you want to know more, check out for complete details about the 2010 event. 

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Cones

Yesterday was the Christmas party for the TennGRITS club I've been a part of since its beginning. We began as a group over 10 years ago now; it's still fun and we still like each other!  Although originally a group of rubberstampers, we've evolved more into the mixed media world although we still put a stamp to paper now and then.

 I used the metal frame of a Dollar Tree tinsel tree to make hanging cones as my gift this year.

I removed the tinsel from each frame and used muslin strips to cover the frame.  I wove the muslin into the frame twice each time I wrapped a piece around the diameter.  The weaving, along with hand sewing, secured the muslin to the frame.  My original idea of just covering the frame with muslin didn't work at all.  Once the frame was covered and the cone was turned upright, the muslin wouldn't stay put. 

The wrapping process continues.  After all the frames were covered with muslin, I handstitched a fuzzy white fiber onto the muslin and also added a coffee stain here and there to give the pieces a slightly aged appearance.

An inside view

The handles were strips of muslin and fiber and were sewned onto the frame.

The image used is from a Luna Girl image CD.  Muslin was attached to a piece of computer paper and the images were printed using my laser printer.  A bit of coffee staining was added to the corners.  After adding lace and buttons to the top of the cone, the image was attached and a bit of fiber was tied on for accent.

The bottoms of the cones were dipped in coffee and once dry, they were finished off with glitter on the tips.

These were fun to make and I'm happy with the way they turned out.  I had my doubts along the way!