Saturday, June 12, 2010


We've taken some time to spend a few days away and we're enjoying Mackinac Island.  We really have a great room right on Main Street with this view of Lake Huron.  The weather is much cooler than the 90+ degree weather we were just getting used to in Tennessee and I really don't miss the humidity. 

Relaxation is our theme!  I really like having a balcony where we can hang out yet still hear the hustle and bustle on Main.  The Lilac Tree is our favorite place to stay.

This is one of the shops that Clarissa and I especially enjoyed yesterday.  I picked up a set of rubberstamps and Clarissa bought a beautiful scarf.  The owner has a blog at 
She shares photos of her merchandise plus sniplets of her life on the island. (photo from Little Luxuries' blog)

It was also nice to meet artist Noel Skiba as she painted outside another cute shop.  She has a blog at  Much of her work is bold and bright and we really enjoyed watching as she worked on a piece featuring the Grand Hotel. 

More later...

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Pallas said...

I have always wanted to visit Mackinac Island. The movie "Somewhere in Time" probably has something to do with it. I'm with you on the sitting on the porch relaxing bit.