Saturday, October 23, 2010

Welcome Mac!

Hello!  I'm loving the change of seasons here in Tennessee.  Sorry I haven't much in the way of art or craft to share; I'm working on projects but just not things I can share right now. 

What I can share is this beautiful ball of fur...Mac.  I had a sweet cat many years ago that reminds me of Mac but I didn't think I'd ever have another cat.  Why?  My seventeen year old daugher has always had an intense fear of all animals and so it was just a given that we would be a pet-free home.  Over the years we attempted to help her overcome her fears: therapy, trips to the pet store, we even attended several weeks of dog obedience classes in order to expose her to animals.  She did hold a puppy once but the whole experience backfired when the mama dog got loose and came for her baby...actually I think that probably made the fear worse. Mac.  Mac the little miracle maker.

Why this little guy found favor with Clarissa's heart...I don't know but I am thankful.  She has no fear of him.  That in itself is a miracle.  Mac's been with us since Thursday.  We were actually going to babysit him for my son and look for a home for him at the same time  My son rescued Mac from a parking lot a little over a week ago and fed him and loved him back to health.  We had no clue that Mac would become a part of OUR family.  Clarissa decided on Thursday night that we wouldn't be finding Mac a home; he'd be staying right here.  Now that's a miracle.


Dianne said...

What a wonderful story!

Angie said...

What an adorable little baby! And an awesome story.

And yes, Tennessee has been having the most amazing weather. We have been staying outside as much as possible.

kathy mc said...

What a great story. I am so happy for your family and for Mac. Mac looks a lot like my Sadie, a rescued cat also. I just know your daughter will give Mac lots of love and attention. Cudos to your son for the rescue. What a sweet thing for him to do.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I love this story Dianne! And what a sweet little face! How lucky to find a loving home! I am glad to hear you are having a pretty fall!
Blessings ~ Katie