Friday, January 28, 2011

Watching The World From The Inside

If you've read my blog for very long you know about our sweet Mac.  Mac used to rush out the door every chance he got and I had to learn to grab him quickly or be prepared to chase him down.  There's some woods behind our house as well as a huge tree in the front yard and I have no desire to run through the woods or climb a tree in the winter weather we've been having.  That's all changed...(not the tree-climbing part)...  Mac has 'met' two strays through the glass of our front door and now he shows no interest in going outside.   The first cat looks like she is a full-time outdoor kitty and is not approachable.

This cat is beautiful but also seems wild.  He looks like he's been an indoor cat and I'm afraid he was someone's pet.  We put food out for both cats and admire them through the glass.

After a busy morning of 'cat-watching', Mac's having a nap.  The sun is shining and the promise of spring is present.  Later...

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