Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine's Day Banner

With Valentine's Day approaching, I couldn't resist making a banner to display for the occasion.

Each banner measures 5.5" at the top and is 8.25" inches tall.

A product called Paper Paint by Tulip was used to add details.  I've had these paints in my stash for years and don't know if they're still available or not.  I'm sure there's other products that would work just as well.

The letters began as raw chipboard painted with black acrylic paint.  I sprayed them with adhesive and coated them with a fine black glitter.  It was a bit messy and pre-glittered would be a nice substitute.

Each banner was embellished with a felt flower cut using a metal die. 

This closeup gives another example of the paper paint.  The small squeeze tip is perfect for creating patterns.  Baby silver metallic ric-rac also adorns the banners.

Another close-up....

More glitter....can you ever have too much glitter?

This felt flower was blanket stitched and it's my favorite way to finish the flowers.  So, what are you making for Valentine's Day?  I'd love for you to leave a link to your blog!  Later...


Joyce said...

Love your banner. The hash brown casserole was fabulous too! One more to add to the CHristmas morning menu next year.

Ophelia said...

Such a beautiful banner!!!

Jingle said...

This is so super cute!