Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Embellishments

I had a play date on Saturday with two of my art club buddies, Allison Revetta and Alice Arterburn.  We spent the afternoon working on projects that Alice had planned out for us.  I've wanted to try my hand at making rosettes for awhile so I was thrilled when Alice showed us how easy it is to whip these out.  I found a tutorial on YouTube by craftdiva99 that is very similar to the way we  made our rosettes.  Check it out here: 
This is a paper flower that we also made.  Alice couldn't remember where she got the directions for it and I couldn't find a tutorial online.  This flower is composed of twelve layers of paper punched using an approximately 2 3/4" scallop edge punch.  The paper is lightly spritzed and each piece is scrunched into a small ball and then gently unscrunched.  Lay each piece out and let it dry.   After the pieces are dry, stack them together and put a brad through the center of the stack to hold it together.  Next, begin with the top layer and scrunch each layer up again.  Once all the layers are scrunched, begin unfolding them very gently from the bottom.  Once all the layers are unfolded, the flower will look something like this photo.  (Clear as mud?) 

On Sunday I spent the afternoon making more rosettes and here's what I came up with:

This is a paper flower I made using Spellbinders heart shaped scallop die. 

And here they all are together...I can't wait to make more.

I found that I needed three hands to make the rosettes so I came up with a couple of things that helped me hold them in place as the glue set up.  A simple hairspray can top and a canning jar lid worked perfectly.

Thanks to Alice for the inspiration and my sweet friend Allison for always opening her studio up to her friends. 


Jingle said...

These are all so cute!

kathy mc said...

Love all of your flowers. You did a great job.