Friday, April 22, 2011

Thirty Days of Posts - Day Five

My daughter has taken Independent Study Art during her final year of high school this year.  An art show will be held at school next weekend and she will get a table to display some of her work.  One of the things she did this year was carving these print blocks.  I had never used this material and when I tried my hand at it I found I prefer the softer material by Nasco.  Using the blocks, this is one of the pieces she made:

Each block was colored using chalks and was sprayed with fixative.
Clarissa has also been taking a graphics class after school and really prefers graphics.  She wanted to be able to use graphic design in the art show so we scanned each of the above pieces into the computer and adjusted the colors and hues to make different colored blocks.  Sheets of tiled images were printed out to use in art pieces.  This is one of about a dozen sheets:

This is the end result of one of her projects using the tiles:

Individual tiles each about 1" square were glued onto the heart.  Several layers of varnish followed with a light sanding between clear coats.   Later...

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