Monday, April 18, 2011

Thirty Days of Posts - Day One

It seems like life is speeding by and I've not been posting much.  On Saturday amid all the hustle and bustle of helping my daughter get ready for her senior prom, I decided to commit to posting to my blog every day for 30 days.  So this is the first day.   I'm sure many of the posts will not be about art or crafting but just a glimpse into my day.  Hopefully someone will read it!

Here's a photo I'd like to share of my daughter at prom.  I think she was beautiful but then I'm her mom! 

Any mother of a daughter knows all the time and effort it takes to get ready for big events like a prom.  This day started early with a pedicure and hair appointment.  One of Clarissa's friends came over and they got ready together.  This is not a fast process!  It was a wonderful evening and well worth the effort.

That's it for Day One.  Tomorrow I'll show you what I'm doing to improve my art room.  Later...


Joyce said...

Gorgeous! That color is wonderful on her.

Aimeslee said...

Dianne, what a beautiful daughter you have! I hope she had a blast. Great good luck with the 30 days of blogging posts. I look forward to reading them. xoxo