Friday, April 29, 2011

Thirty Days Of Posts - Day Twelve

This evening I am relaxing in my art room.  I'm sipping on a cup of decaf and I have no pressing committments.  What a feeling.  I am getting a few things together for an art date with some friends tomorrow.  Check out this beautiful gift from my friend Allison....

Isn't it great!  I've been holding on to this beauty for several weeks...waiting for just the right time to use it.  I need a sewing kit for tomorrow's fun and decided to put one together in my vintage tool box.  So far I'm going with neutrals...should I add some colors?  Black, white and cream buttons...ecru ribbon...embroidery floss...I even threw in a roll of muslin.  You never know when you'll need muslin.

Scissors, threaders and needles are in the supply tin.  Am I missing any 'must-haves' in my kit?

I have to share a photo I took this morning after helping Clarissa set up her art table at the school art show.  I think her display looks great.  I have to admit that it's a huge relief that she's finished with this.  It was the last 'big thing' before graduation.

That's it for today.   I hope to have some cool things to share tomorrow!  Later...

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Aimeslee said...

What a cute and clever kit, Dianne. And Clarissa's display is, too. Hope she enjoys it and achieves what she wants out of it. She's quite talented. xoxo