Thursday, May 26, 2011

Seattle Tour

It's good to be home! I have to say that Seattle was wonderful. Clarissa is already talking about going back. Clarissa and I along with my friend Susan flew from Tennessee to Seattle last Wednesday. Susan had been to Seattle before and it was good to have a 'Seattle-savvy' person among us. Our first three days there were spent at the Paramount in downtown and we either walked or took the rail to get around the city. The last two days were spent on the road visiting Poulsbo and Leavenworth, WA. Here's a  picture tour of a few highlights:

Airplane project...fabric flowers

Cheap ride for weary feet

We stayed at the Paramount on Pine Street...good choice.

Had to snap this because of the design

Ballgame on day one...Clarissa's bucket list must-do

Smiling in the Seattle sunshine

Cheesecake Factory...twice

Hotel art

Coffee Art

Starbucks...another must see on Clarissa's list

Pike Place Market...Here we come!

The flowers were beautiful and inexpensive

Look at this samples for all

Entertainment at Starbucks

A purchase from Gail Coupal, Hot Flashes, A Glass Studio

The studio of Brooke  Wish she had been there so I could have watched her in action.

Pike Street Press...super nice...beautiful work

Great sounding guys...could they be the next Beatles?

Top Pot Donuts...long wait but worth it.

The Space Needle

A view from the Space Needle

A view down the tracks while we wait for the train

On the road to Poulsbo, WA

Tart tins purchased at Cat's Meow Antiques, Poulsbo...I could have stayed in this shop for hours.

Viking Festival in Poulsbo

A wonderful variety of shops lined Front Street in Poulsbo

Leavenworth, WA

A view in Leavenworth

Starbucks Coffee....Leavenworth style

Another gorgeous view of the mountains

Simply Found, Leavenworth...wonderful shop

Had to have it...Simply Found

Pretty flowers

Snoqualmie Falls, WA


Back to the city....

"The Center of the Universe"

We had to see the Fremont Troll...
Well, that's it in a nutshell.  We had amazing weather the entire time and I was so impressed with how friendly everyone was.  I'm with Clarissa...I'm already planning to go back.  Later...


Joyce said...

Isn't Poulsbo wonderful? My son has a home there and can't wait to get back after his assignment in Virginia. His mother-in-law owns the little kitchen shop at the beginning of the little street of shops. Love that town.

Dianne said...

Yes Joyce, it is wonderful. I would loved to have had more time there. I saw so many things in the antique store. I also enjoyed Imagine That..the bead store. Just not enough hours in the day!! Thanks for the recommendation. :)

Aimeslee said...

Wow, loved your travelogue, thanks. So glad you had such a great time. Hope you got relaxed and refreshed. Loved all the posts and pics of your dd's graduation, too. I just did that tonite with a niece and nephew at same high school. Just hate the traffic jam...too bad I don't have my own private copter, right? LOLOLOL xoxo