Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thirty Days Of Posts - Day Sixteen

I'm finding that blogging everyday is a challenge!  I often wonder if there's really anything interesting enough to blog about.  Today I think I have a 'bloggable' event.  If you've been reading my blog before today, you've probably seen this piece of art created by my daughter Clarissa:

She was in an art show at school and entered her artwork for the year.  She was allowed to choose one piece to enter into competition and this is the piece she selected.   I'm thrilled that she won first place in the art show!   She worked long and hard on the print blocks for this piece and I'm so proud of her.  Congrats Clarissa!

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Aimeslee said...

Many congrats to Clarissa! I'd love to read a post explaining just how she made her plate. Is it like a stamp? Did she carve it? Inquiring minds would like to know...winkwink xoxo