Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thirty Days Of Posts - Day Twenty-Seven

This piece is done on a 5 x 7 canvas board painted in various shades of purple.  Pieces of a metallic doily were glued down.

The surface was coated with gel medium.

A single ply of a decorative paper napkin was placed over the gel medium.  A very watery mix of acrylic paint was added.

Allow paint to set for just a few seconds and then gently blot.

Quickly remove the paper towel used to blot. 

Take a coffee break and allow to dry.

Using a light hand, sand the surface.  Notice the texture of the napkin folds and how the metallic color of the doily jumps out.

Begin the process of adding paint layers.  In this photo, a paper doily is being used as a stencil.

Shelf liner was inked up with acrylic paint and rolled onto the canvas.

Keep adding layers of paint.

The finished piece features an image from Altered Pages as well as a favorite quote.  Stenciling overlaps onto the image and a white gel pen helps define the frame of the photo.  I also used the gel pen on other parts of the canvas. 


Margaret said...

Totally love what you've done with the layering and stencilling! have you been here? she has some great clips on You Tube! Mx

Joyce said...

OOOHHH, really love this one!