Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Princess of Everything Box

A paper mache box is the perfect throne for the Princess of Everything rubberstamp image.  The lid and box were painted butter yellow.  Sparkly silver ribbon add glitz to the top and bottom edges. Text circles layered onto punched pink circles adorn the box. I used a pencil to outline text areas.

 Tiny pink roses sprinkled with glitter sit at the feet of the princess. 

This would make a cute centerpiece for a birthday party.  Another option would be to use it as a gift box for your favorite princess! 


Jingle said...

This is so pretty!

Margaret said...

What a delightful little box, gorgeous colours and little bit of sparkle, what more could a gal want?! Mxe

Aimeslee said...

So pretty and sweet, Diane. xoxo