Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Felted Wool Journals

I've been working away on these felted wool journals.  They're finished and ready to share! 

This one is made using a beautiful oatmeal color sweater and embellishments in hot pink and bright orange.  Don't you love the lining?
I'm crazy for this bright orange cord that I discovered in a bead store.  I didn't have any waxed linen in the right color for this journal so I was happy to find another option.  


For the lime green striped journal, I cut the wool using material from the waistband.  I love the bit of detail this adds to the book.


This is a side view showing the long stitch details.  I used waxed linen to bind this one.

Happy April Fool's Day!  Have a wonderful Sunday.


Joyce said...

I love the green, my favorite color.

Aimeslee said...

awesome job on this, dianne... and i am impressed you have the eyesight for it cuz i no longer really do, haha. i still carry on like i do, anyway. lol