Monday, August 20, 2012

Jotter Love

I was talking to a friend the other day about the jotters that I'm selling and she had no idea what a jotter is.  Well, it's where you jot down stuff.  A free online dictionary defines it like this:

Noun1.jotter - a small notebook for rough notes
notebook - a book with blank pages for recording notes or memoranda

A couple of months ago I added these little jotters to my Etsy shop. They're sweet and simple little books but depending on your ideas, dreams, thoughts or grocery lists, these simple books can hold a wealth of important information.

I was delighted when Heather Smith of the Love Club contacted me about including this jotter in her August subscription service box.  We came up with a plan and I proceeded to create a bunch of these babies.

Handy little totes from the Dollar Tree helped me stay organized.  Each tote holds 10 jotters perfectly.

 This was mail day.  What is it about a clear cello bag that adds a bit of excitement?  

If you're interested in checking out Heather's site, you can find her here.  The last I heard, there's a waiting list for her club so be prepared for a little wait....and tell her I sent you over.


Dianne said...

I really like these a lot! So simple and cute!

{just.lovely.things} said...

Dianne, we are so lucky to have had you participate in the August Love Club boxes! xo