Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pretty White Boxes

When did it get so hard to find a nice, simple white box?  Maybe I'm looking in all the wrong places but it feels like I've looked everywhere.

I want to do a black and white version of this rustic wedding set that's in my Etsy shop...

Martha Stewart has a DIY that's cute as a button..  you know Martha thinks of everything first!

My set comes with a decorated paper mache box...rustic by design... 

There's a label on top with the couple's name and wedding date. 

Many brides and grooms are writing their own vows so I've added a set of notebooks to record them in.

Now I need to find a really nice, white box for my 'dressier' version.  I've tried all the big box stores plus everything Google had to offer.  I could sure use some help! 

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